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kyle and i just got back from southern california where we were able to visit family and friends and have a baby shower and, the best part, show off bella ruth to everyone ūüôā
for this tuesday, i would like to make our friends krista and jason the stars, as they frequently deserve to be. quite honestly this trip could not have gone so smoothly with out them.


i have known krista since the eighth grade and jason since my freshman year of high school. krista and i played sports together and have been best friends since, despite my move to orange county in high school causing a 4 year break in ties. she has always been there for me and is one of the few girls that i can actually stand to be friends with (and she can stand me!). there are few people that i can say i feel like they are sisters to me and she is one of them. and since kyle and i have gotten married, krista and jason have become some of our best friends and people that we simply love to hang out with. krista and jason came up after bella was born to hang out for a few days and seriously made our baby shower a possibility. they are simply amazing great people. they are also engaged to be married in february 2010. watching them with bella has been great and i know they will make great parents one day and i have never seen two people more made for each other. they are simply amazing and i want to thank them for everything and for being such great friends. you guys are truly the best!


so, you all know you did or will do it. ¬†once you get your baby, you are simply taken by their beauty and the fact that you made this thing, this wonderful new life. ¬†when you can think to not just sit there and stare in their eyes, you check to make sure they have all their fingers and toes. ¬†i did this eventually and this is what i saw…


i had a slight panic attack. ¬†what would she do without her pinky toe? if she needs it for balance then will she ever be able to walk or was that a myth? ¬†and why in the world did no one tell me. ¬†of course when i inquired this of kyle he showed me her missing toes…


her pinky toe was just hiding… much like kyle’s toes do…

thank you for the heart attack bella, you are awesome…

img_0850he loves our kitten too…

so, kyle and i decided that our little boo deserved her own blog. ¬†yeah, we know, she is only two weeks old, but let’s face it, she is awesome and we don’t want to be the ones to stifle her awesomeness. ¬†so, there is a link to her blog off my and kyle’s blog. ¬†we actually semi stole the idea from our friend bri who is a photographer and decided to do a photo project of one picture every day for a whole year. ¬†that is what bella’s blog will be. ¬†one photo for everyday of the first year of her life. ¬†we hope that you guys enjoy it and have fun watching our little girl grow just as much as we do!











happy anniversary kyle ray!

november 18, 2006 to now

thank you for a beautiful two years!

as part of positive post tuesday¬†i would like to introduce you all to kyle’s parents, my in-laws, my parents, our bell’s grandparents, tony and sheryl, the carpenters.

img_3353these people have been such an inspiration in my life. ¬†they are great parents who love their kids so much and loved me like their own the first day they even met me. ¬†i was instantly welcomed into their family before i ever became a legal part of it. ¬†they have shown me real parents love and acceptance and support. ¬†they are always willing to give themselves to help family or friends and just shine god’s love daily. ¬†i would never have been able to move away from my family if i did not know i was going to have them close by. ¬†they have a way of making everything ok and seeing them now with our daughter brings tears to my eyes, you can just see how much they love her, and how cool is that? ¬†i appreciate all the help they give us now and have given us through the years and how much i know they will give in the future. ¬†i could not have received better in-laws. ¬†i am proud to say i am part of their family, and not everyone gets to say that. ¬†thanks tony and sheryl, i love you guys!

apparently, no one reads blogs on sundays, so it’s ok for me to talk about nothing interesting and no one will be offended or disappointed. ¬†well, i am pretty sure that is all i do anytime that i blog, but i never do it in bullet points ūüôā

  • i have to say my day started at 12 am because i did not get off to sleep until 2 am. ¬†partially because i was not tired, partially because my husband was gone, and partially because i am STILL pregnant.
  • slept in with the hubby (who got home at 5 am) until 9:30 am, where we then shuffled off to church and were imposed by many with “you still aren’t a daddy yet?” and “why are you still pregnant?” questions from everyone we know. ¬†we also saw some friends that started going to our church (is it really “our” church?) three weeks ago and we didn’t even know.
  • on the way home we saw many people standing on the corners holding “vote no on prop 8” signs. ¬†one said “let jesus save, not you”. ¬†sort of made me laugh.
  • watched the raiders get their butts handed to them for a bit before taking a nap with the hubby (because it’s sunday and we can).
  • finished my book “gods in alabama”. ¬†it was entertaining. ¬†next is an anita shrieve novel… yea!
  • had tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, yummy!
  • that’s about it! ¬†anticipating not working anymore and hoping to not get too bored! ¬†any ideas with how i should pass the time waiting for this little girl to decide to show her face to the world???

that’s it i guess. ¬†like i said, not much going on today. ¬†i suppose sunday stats suck, but i happen to find sundays very relaxing and overly enjoyable! ¬†hope yours was too…

so, today in church, as we went through the book of matthew for the 16th part of the series, we stumbled upon two verses that apparently are the foundation for two of the biggest churches in the world, orthodox and catholic.  The verses were matthew 16:18-19 which say:

“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. ¬†I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven, whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven.”

now, i am not the best at re-explaining what my pastor says. ¬†hmmm, perhaps i should work on that. ¬†but one thing that made me think was that i guess for the catholic church, peter was the first pope. ¬†and he, like all the other popes after him, are the only ones to have direct communication from god. ¬†any authority goes through them, because jesus said that he will build his church on peter. ¬†one thing that confuses me, is that apparently in the original greek writing of this passage, peter and rock are two different forms, one masculine and one feminine. ¬†i don’t tend to think that jesus messes up when he talks, so this would mean that the rock that he is building his church on is not peter, but something else. ¬†

lance talked about different theories on what this means, including that perhaps the rock he means is faith as peter had just showed his faith in the previous passage, but who really knows.  he gave us some passages to keep in mind when making our own decision for what jesus means (Eph 2:20, 1 Peter 2:4-8, 1 Cor 3:11) and the fact that church is about people not institution.

well, anyways, i guess i was just wondering what you guys might think. ¬†i think that kyle grasped this all a little better than me (he normally does) but i did find it interesting and it did confirm for me that i don’t want to be catholic (not that it was an option, but now i know it really never is). ¬†i am not sure that i said enough or explained it well so that you can actually tell me your opinion, but maybe i did. ¬†you can always listen to that part of the message at bridgeway’s website if you really wanted to.

so, what do you think?

outside of myspace that is…¬†

i know, i know, this is supposed to be so much better than blogging on myspace, but when i first tried it on blogger i could never actually log in. ¬†i was able to do it two times which meant that i blogged twice, but that’s it. ¬†so i decided to give this wordpress thing a try at the recommendation of my husband. ¬†this will be my first but we will have to see where it goes from there…

welcome to my world ūüôā