whew! after a long, grueling, four months of no free time, i am finally finished! as of yesterday, any work pertaining to my bachelors is done! no more school! yea!!! i now have a double degree (psychology and theology) which hopefully means a better job soon and more money to come! also, perhaps i can start using capital letters. i am a college graduate after all 🙂 probably not though.

anyways, the point of this post is to tell you all that i will be blogging more again (hopefully!). it’s good to be back to reality and free time! wahoo!


that’s right, i have a blog.  i tend to forget this with the busy-ness of life, and, the bad news is, it’s only going to get worse! that’s right, as if i don’t neglect my blog enough, i will most likely be neglecting it even more. the reason? graduation. i am hoping to be done in december which means that i will be taking 29 units this semester… can i do it? hells yes, but i might not be able to do it and blog and be a wife and a mother and a worker… hmmm, so, just the warning for you all, my presence online might be limited from october-december (as if it isn’t already) and thought some of you deserved an explanation. 🙂 so, here’s to hoping you all are well and i will try to make up for my absence this next month… prayers appreciated as well as my life ends for the next four months. awesome.

that’s right, this is a post to show how much we procrastinate. i’m actually not even going to give you a post here, though i have three brewing in my mind that if i wasn’t a procrastinator (or tired) i would totally write now, but i am going to direct you to my baby’s blog. yeah, yeah, i know.  we said a picture for every day for the first year. i know it says may on the last post, but we still have 2 months to catch up (10months already???) and we didn’t say we would post the pictures everyday, just that there would be one for every day. so, we are almost done with may, and we are fully aware it is almost september. we’ll get there, just be patient. in the meantime, check out the new pictures up on Bella’s blog… they are pretty cute!

yep, i just finished up another human sexuality class and it got me thinking (go figure, school will do that to you). we watched a video about homosexuality by Sy Rogers and one thing that he said was that you can’t fix a same-sex issue with the opposite sex (talking about his struggle with homosexuality) and it got me thinking about how often we do that. we see sin and instead of looking at the greater issue, we focus on the surface and try to fix it that way. like with homosexuality. there are frequently issues with the same-sex that need to be resolved before a person can move on to relating to the opposite sex and thus telling them to just “date a girl” is not the solution because it’s not targeting the issue. how often that we do that. we are so focused on the sin and “saving” someone from that sin that we forget that there is a human attached to that sin, there is pain attached to that sin and we are completing ignoring it (probably because we can’t handle feeling uncomfortable). Sy made a greater point that reminds me how much greater god is than us. while we focus on the sin so often, god looks beyond the sin and looks at why it is happening. oh for his grace and understanding! yes, the sin is an issue, but to god, we are the bigger issue and he understands that healing needs to happen on a deeper level. what a great idea to evangelism. perhaps we can draw people in by not telling them what they are doing wrong, but looking at what to do next…

Parenting was always something that worried me.  Having sort of rough examples growing up, I was not sure what parenting was supposed to look like. When I became a Christian I thought I had a better idea and through my many adventures as a nanny I thought I had an even better idea.  When our friends started having kids and I worked at a shelter for pregnant mothers I felt that I would have a good handle on what parenting is and how to parent well when we had our own. When I got pregnant that world was turned upside down with parenting theories, should’s and shouldn’ts being thrown at us and constantly conflicting advice. Now that Bella has been here for a while (9months! can you believe it?) I don’t really know that my mind is settled with how to parent correctly.  Of course, we have our ideas of what parenting should look like (we don’t care if she plays with our shoes, but I probably wouldn’t get a used helmet) but sometimes I am shocked by what shocks other people (playing with our shoes, I mean, she crawling on the floor anyway) and then shocked at what shocks me that other people do (never saying no or overly reasoning with a 5 year old). Through my extensive training (that sounds pretty good doesn’t it?) in parenting through school and various jobs, I feel confident that I can help a family in need of better parenting skills, but I still wonder if there really is one correct way to do things or at least one style that is better than the others (although we are all individual couples which would suggest we all have different styles…).

What are your thoughts?

I am not very good at doing these, because, really, if my stats are going to suck anyways, then what is the point?  Here goes anyways…

  • today was a blessed day with a great church service and a wonderful bbq with the worship team and families.  not much better than a pool, bbq’d food and friends!
  • bella had her first experience in a pool (and not a baby pool, but a real pool) and totally loved it! swimming lessons might be next…
  • i love strawberry rubharb (?) pie…
  • our room is basically done (not a huge fan of moving though this time has felt like christmas)
  • it’s way too effing hot here! 100+ should just never happen, anywhere, ever.
  • our friend james is visiting this week, sweet!
  • looking forward to an A’s (or Giants?) game this week.
  • no class and no work on friday! i love holidays…
  • looking forward to our bbq next sunday. come join us! 🙂
  • still not sure what i am going to do with work… starting to really stress…
  • really enjoying school right now! looking forward to starting my masters program soon and making real money!
  • not sure how to handle a family issue… more on that to come.
  • leaving you with a wish for a wonderful week and a happy fourth if i don’t post before then.  oh, and with a picture of bella, she is too cute to not include after all!


So, as many of you know, I work for a company that helps children with autism. We provide in home, social groups and school therapy in hopes of mainstreaming and teaching these children important life skills so they may one day live independently from their parents in a successful “normal” way. This post is for the parents.

It’s positive post Tuesday and when I was contemplating who to write about, a parent that I talked to this morning popped into my mind. Her 8yearold son is not only autistic but also has seizures which has greatly affected the right side of his body. While I was talking to her (they just started the program so I am still getting to know her little boy) I could just see her passion for her son. She was so knowledgeable and willing to do anything to help her son. She and her husband are also very supportive of her 3, yes 3, older children. Love and patience and support was just seeping from her heart and as I thought about her passion for her family and her dedication to her son, I realized a lot of the parents are like this. They don’t see this struggle as an inconvenience but as a way to help their child grow. Not all parents are like this. Some give up, but others, well, they have patience and understanding beyond anything I have ever seen before.

I think about these parents when I feel like I am having a hard day with my daughter. I remember what a blessing it is to have a child that thus far does not have any major disabilities and makes me look at how I am handling stressful situations with her. I have learned from these parents. Their love is outstanding and immeasureable. They are an inspiration.

Ok people! In light of a school project I am doing this week, I was hoping to get your input on some slightly insightful questions…..

When thinking of the book of Revelation….
– what are your first thoughts?
– what is it about?
– what emotions do you feel about the book?
– what is God’s purpose for the book?
– if you have time, please read a part of the book and then tell me what you thought about it (think about the previous questions for the this specific pasage again)

Thanks so much for your help! You all are awesome!



in my new testament class, we just had to read 1 and 11 corinthians.  when we broke up into groups, we had to talk about what we noticed or what touched us most.  one person in my group mentioned that they were really touched by 1 corinthians 13.  he is a newlywed, so i attributed it to that.  but so was someone else, and they have been married for years.  i then expressed how frustrating the christian culture can be sometimes.  before i was even a christian i was tired of hearing what love is.  i just feel like we pick passages that mean so much and then get hit over the head with it so many times that it just doesn’t mean what it should anymore.  same goes for john 3:16 and philippians 4:13, they are quoted so much that is it any more than just reciting at that point? i know this is not a good way to look at scripture but unfortunately it is what our culture is giving us.  and then the pastor in the class helped me with my evil ideas…

in 1 john he read that god is love.  and if god is love, perhaps you can replace the word love in 1 corinthians 13 with god. we did this in our group and the passages took on a whole new world (a whole new world) for me.  i think sometimes, as a christian looking to grow, i can easily overlook the things that made me fall in love with god in the first place because i get frustrated with the trends of our christian culture.  i simply love when things are looked at in a new perspective that makes me feel closer to the god i love so much.  and this touched me so much that i wanted to share it with you, even if you have already heard it before, i wanted to share how it touched me.  thanks for listening or, er, reading!

and here’s a picture of my bella ruthie from hawaii, the little beach bum! she is seven months old officially and while it breaks my heart to lose the infant that slept in my arms all day just six months ago, it more than excites me to see god in her smile and her growth everyday…  what a tremendous blessing!

so, weird title i know, but it’s sort of true.  when we came back to california (thank the lord) from hawaii, we were immediately back on our time. there is something about gaining hours in travel that not only makes me not have jet-lag but also makes it easier to adjust when i get home.  when i went to tennessee and lost a few hours, i was totally jet-lagged (which is why i was such a terrible guest!) and getting back on california time took forever!! anyways, we adjusted just fine.  bella on the other hand wanted to stay up until one and get up one in the afternoon… this was not easy!  but she is finally fixed! back to her 10-10 or 9-8 schedule… yes!

except, i have now gotten used to hawaii time in california… suck my balls.  (i did consider not saying that right now, but hey, it’s me and that’s what you get.  it is my blog after all) it is now 12:30 am and i am not in the least bit tired.  but i want to sleep until 11.  anyways, i need to train myself to sleep again.  it’s ruining my diet (which, by the way, i lost weight on vacation, score!). yet, here i am, rambling the night away…

only because i have realized that i have been seriously neglecting my blog lately.  i think i am going to blame it on twitter.  before twitter, i blogged from my phone constantly. now i tweet and have bird-pooped on blogging. suck.  anyways, i am going to try to do a better job, because apparently people read this thing. awesome by the way, you guys rock! 🙂  but no more blogging for me tonight.  i have a dentist apt in the morning (with insurance because god rocks) and class tomorrow night with one more homework assignment to finish before then… 

which i really should stay up and do…