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Parenting was always something that worried me.  Having sort of rough examples growing up, I was not sure what parenting was supposed to look like. When I became a Christian I thought I had a better idea and through my many adventures as a nanny I thought I had an even better idea.  When our friends started having kids and I worked at a shelter for pregnant mothers I felt that I would have a good handle on what parenting is and how to parent well when we had our own. When I got pregnant that world was turned upside down with parenting theories, should’s and shouldn’ts being thrown at us and constantly conflicting advice. Now that Bella has been here for a while (9months! can you believe it?) I don’t really know that my mind is settled with how to parent correctly.  Of course, we have our ideas of what parenting should look like (we don’t care if she plays with our shoes, but I probably wouldn’t get a used helmet) but sometimes I am shocked by what shocks other people (playing with our shoes, I mean, she crawling on the floor anyway) and then shocked at what shocks me that other people do (never saying no or overly reasoning with a 5 year old). Through my extensive training (that sounds pretty good doesn’t it?) in parenting through school and various jobs, I feel confident that I can help a family in need of better parenting skills, but I still wonder if there really is one correct way to do things or at least one style that is better than the others (although we are all individual couples which would suggest we all have different styles…).

What are your thoughts?


first, i would like to say happy birthday to one joel agee, who i noticed had a birthday, according to our calendar, yesterday.  we were hoping that our girl would get to share that day with you, it would immediately make her awesome and cool, but no such luck!  hope it was just the best!

in other news, i had another appointment today at the doctor.  i am 3cm dialated, so really could be any day now for real… thank goodness!  we also got a brochure on birth control… we will not be using the pill (again).  one thing that made us laugh was it gives the percentage chance you have of getting pregnant with each option.  for abstinence: 0-20%   hmmm…..