Having an amazing Dad, one that loves like Jesus, is an incredible blessing. While I did not grow up with this, I did grow up with a lot of love. What I am proud to say is that Bella Ruth is growing up with a Daddy that loves like Jesus. Kyle Ray is an incredible father and an equally incredible husband. To see his incredible dedication to Bella, always having the energy to love her and play with her, no matter what is going on with his own needs, is a kind of sacrifice that I wish every little girl could receive from their Daddy. Everyday I am blessed to see the incredible love that exists between them and how exciting to celebrate it. I urge a celebration of their incredible relationship on a more frequent basis of course. One day in an entire year could not even begin to put all the thankfulness I have for Kyle into words and actions. Today I say thank you and I love you to the most incredible Daddy for Bella Ruth in the world.