I started this week with many plans to get things done! The week is half over and I have not made much progress, yet it’s been a good week. Sunday I had my meeting with my Cambodia Mission group and I would say it went pretty well. I’m seriously getting excited for this trip! My aspirations for the week regarding this trip were to finish my passport application and get my blog going… I’ve printed out my passport application and today I’ve looked at the blog… Oh man! Got a long way to go but gotta be finished by this weekend since the trip is only a few months away! Gotta get that prayer, encouragement, and financial support going! 🙂
This week has not been completely unproductive, it just feels that way when you have so much to do! To top that off, the babe has a 101 fever tonight. So, to stop procrastinating, give you a fact about Cambodia, and hit the blog building and application filling!

Cambodia: A country with a population of 14,453,680 people, where 96.4% are Buddhist, and where sex tourism is a thriving business and haven for pedophiles from around the world.

Rescued through Love : mission for the oppressed children in Cambodia