So, I’m not really sure what did it, but something made me completely forget about blogging. I think it may have been facebook. And how sad is that because blogging is so much more fun and thought provoking! Anyways, an update on my life, I am half-way done with graduate school at this point. In August I will (hopefully) advance and that means I am eligible for comps exams and to start counseling (for free! wait…. why am I in school?). I should be done with school completely come February of next year and with my masters in hand I can start the long journey to meeting my 3,000 (yes, that reads three thousand) hours of internship (aka, poorly paid but still paid therapy!) and then probably about 2 years to my license. It’s all been such an amazing experience and I am floored at how much I am learning and proud that I just might be able to say that I am finally smarter than Kyle (mostly because when I ask him for his opinion on an assignment he has no idea what I am talking about. Maybe not generally smarter, but at least smarter at something!). I feel such a great fit at this school, I have met many amazing professors and colleagues and I truly think that God is doing something great with me in this field!

I quit that nasty job at I had at that company that severely mistreats their employees (and clients for that matter). It was a humbling experience to realize that I was making great money but pretty much missed a whole year of my sweet Bella’s life, for nothing but anxiety ridden annoyance. While it was extremely difficult to leave the families and children that I had become so attached to, I am proud that I took that leap of faith (even if it was a little late) and trusted God. I had three weeks off to just love on Bella completely before I started a part time deal at the church where I was able to bring Bella with me. And in four weeks after I quit, I had four job offers. I wasn’t even looking for a job at that point and I can’t help but think that God had his hand in that too. I was able to go back to one of my old families and am now a homeschool teacher for him privately. What I love most about this is I don’t have the restaraints and expectations of an outside source. It’s just me and his mother working to make his life better. I have been able to try different behavior interventions that better suit my style (not based on harshness and making the kids feel stupid like it was before I quit). Instead, I am able to show acceptance and love and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to see how far this autistic child has come in a just a few short months! Even my previous company has said that they have noticed a significant difference in him (said to his mother and what is hilarious is they think it’s something they did. suckers!). I also have been fortunate enough to start babysitting a family with two girls close to Bella’s age and it is just fantastic.

All in all, I really do have to say that life is going pretty darn well! Bella is two and a half now and never ceases to amaze me with how incredibly smart and talented she is. It’s so fantastic to see! More about that later 🙂 It’s also been fantastic to have a husband again! It’s crazy the amount of things I had to sacrifice with that last job and being able to spend quality time with the people I love is the best reward to saying no to that sort of lifestyle.

Additionally, I may be going to Cambodia on my first ever missions trip in October! I am going to be starting a blog so that everyone can learn more about it and follow my thoughts and whatnot for the process so stay tuned for that announcement (happening this next week! construction details still underway).

Thanks for catching up with me everyone! You all rock my world and I look forward to being in better communication with you!

Love and Love!