when i think about the fact that i just finished college, i am confronted with both wonderful and sad memories of what the past few years have brought me, the best memories including new friends and meeting my hubby, and sad memories including losing family members and friends. what a chapter it has been for me and i look at the fact that it is over and i have a degree, a family, and close friends to show for it, and i can’t help but wonder what is next for me…

i am leaning towards going back to school. already? yeah, not much you can do (or more, not much money you can make) with psych and theology bachelor degrees… sort of requires a masters to really make a living, so it’s looking like that is going to be my next step. i am anxious to start and beyond nervous for the transitions and new risks it will all require, but i think it should be fun and interesting.

lots of thoughts going on in my mind right now, and i wish i could transfer them into a blog better, but work is wearing me out! hopefully i will get to blog more. until then, hope you like the picture above from my sophomore year at vanguard. fun times fully missed!