that’s right people… the past four years, kyle and i have gone on halloween to see a “saw” movie.  it started as a thing that we did with a big group from school that we dressed up as a prince and princess for and, while everyone else has dropped off the radar for that night, we continue to go.  this year, we found out last week that they were, in fact, releasing another “saw” movie, number five, and we had to go.  so, last night, after we both got off work and rested a little bit, we went to the movies and saw “saw V” and we were not disappointed!  these movies are so fun for us, even if it is just because it has become a tradition that have done since we started dating.  we were half hoping it would scare bella out of the womb, but it didn’t.  she is apparently a stud.  we did not dress up this year, but we still had a good enough halloween.

how was yours?